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Hey guys, I have a couple of things that I thought I'd post up for sale.

The first is a SLP loudmouth catback with a 24" or 30" glasspack in place of the resonator. It gives a real deep rumble, doesn't sound like a popcorn popper like some glasspacks do. READ THIS: I bought this about 6 months ago, and didn't realize that the tailpipe sections are cut short to work with a camaro CME setup. I ended up buying a different exhaust for my car. There is a section that is cut, right where the tailpipes and I pipe clamp together. It was also clearanced (dented) because the previous owner had a lowered car. I will get the dent out if you would like, but have no means to weld the stainless. So considering those two small issues, Lets go $150 OBO.

Also have a stock Throttle body off of an 01 camaro that has been slightly ported. Basically the bump stop mod, and a little grinding. I wasn't happy with it when it arrived, so here it is. Hasn't been on my car. No sensors. I paid $75, I personally don't think it's worth that, so lets go with $50.

Last thing isn't an Ls1 part, but a set of tires. They are 315/70R17 BFGoodrich all-terrains. They were off of a H2. They have about 6 to 7/32nds of tread left. Good for a cheap set of tires while you save up. $100 for all 4.

EDIT: I would like to find a set of 15" rear drag wheels for my car (preferably 8" wide but would consider 10s also), so if you have something like that and would like to trade anything let me know.
I'll get pics as soon as I can, camera has been acting up lately. PM or reply to this thread. Thanks, Justin
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