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Lower 60' and ET, BUT, lower MPH... help please

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So I need to drop about a tenth off my ET and my 60', but can't go over 135mph. Which I am already going a little over 135, with 135.7 and 135.9 being my best passes. I'm putting on some QA1's in the front, prolly Strange adjustables in the rear, and a Spohn drag sway bar. I have to stay under 135mph in the 1/4 since I don't have an NHRA license. The car is running 10.1x-10.3x pretty consistently and I just need a little more to run in the 10.0 range. The 10.1's come on a fresh bottle and the car slows down a little on the second pass. I'm just worried about the first pass out of a bottle right now. The battery is still in the front, but I don't think that hurts too much.

Any thoughts?
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I think you have a 9 sec car already. Just wait on better weather. If you want a better 60 with similar mph then maybe a taller tire, diff gear ratio.

If I were you I would try adding weight over the rear tires to allow for a harder launch.
I think it will go in the 9's with good weather too, but I don't wanna do that at the No Bull lol, I may move the battery.....
Ok, so I have the front QA1's and a rear drag sway bar. The rear shocks are gonna have to wait, how much impact will they have?
The fronts are 12 way adjustable Hals, that's all I know...I would assume there is a 90/10 setting
That's what I figured, I need to adjust the shocks I don't have yet lol
I don't have an airbag. I have a UMI adjustable torque arm, and relocation x member, subrames, and lca's. Stock shocks in the rear, stock sway bar in the rear as well. Stock springs all the way around. I will be putting on a spohn pro series drag sway bar in the rear along with 12 way adjustable hals in the front. I'll get some rear hals soon. Should I get an airbag too?

I could sacrifice ride quality no problem, which way do I adjust the TA to drop 60' times?
It doesn't spin at all right now. The body does twist and squat pretty hard though.
I will prolly get the license next season, I have a lot of work to do to make the car legal to go quicker than 9.99. It'll be a busy winter for sure. 10pt, *caughturbocaugh*, chute, and a nice hood.
I guess its cheaper then? But what about the TrueStreetCar look? I hate to say it but Ive never seen any car on the street with a parachute on the back...
You need a chute after 150mph in the 1/4. That's the goal next year.

A true street car is a car that's driven on the street, A LOT. It will still be driven on the street with a chute, A LOT.

And Joe, I wasn't talking shit about your 10pt, I was talking shit about your lexan window, fiberglass rear hatch, no interior panels/carpet, brake lights on a toggle, no tranny cooler, no radiator, no battery, and no alternator. The 10pt is for safety. :wink:
lol, now it has an alternator, radiator, tranny cooler, brake lights, same battery its always had, and a 10pt for when it I drive it to the track. It will always have a 17 pound hatch and 15 or so pound hood:driving:
Sounds good, no you just need some interior and to drive it on the street. :afro:
It was for a class. Doesn't matter now though, motor broke.
Broke some pistons.

Thanks Chupac
Looks like it leaned out. Its been running great and all of a sudden, bam. Oh well, I'm done with nitrous now, its getting a turbo.
Sorry to hear that Sean about the pistons. How big of a shot were you running, 300?

assuming it's true... I have heard: anything over a 250 shot and you really gotta know what you're doing on the tune. Not bashing just saying it gets difficult on the "tune" with that big of a shot.

Good luck on the turbo, and make that 10.05 official.
I was on a 275 shot. It's been on that shot for months now, I think something failed, ie. fuel solenoid or pump.

It went 10.05 with a 1.51 60' the run before it broke. The run it broke it went 1.40 60'
1.46, and that was with the old shitty tranny. The new tranny works wayyyy better!
He already did, when my tranny broke lol. It's all good, my best time at the track is wayyyyy faster than his. He'll never beat me at the track, I'm done street racing anyway, too much to lose.
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