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Lower 60' and ET, BUT, lower MPH... help please

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So I need to drop about a tenth off my ET and my 60', but can't go over 135mph. Which I am already going a little over 135, with 135.7 and 135.9 being my best passes. I'm putting on some QA1's in the front, prolly Strange adjustables in the rear, and a Spohn drag sway bar. I have to stay under 135mph in the 1/4 since I don't have an NHRA license. The car is running 10.1x-10.3x pretty consistently and I just need a little more to run in the 10.0 range. The 10.1's come on a fresh bottle and the car slows down a little on the second pass. I'm just worried about the first pass out of a bottle right now. The battery is still in the front, but I don't think that hurts too much.

Any thoughts?
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Looks like it leaned out. Its been running great and all of a sudden, bam. Oh well, I'm done with nitrous now, its getting a turbo.
Sorry to hear that Sean about the pistons. How big of a shot were you running, 300?

assuming it's true... I have heard: anything over a 250 shot and you really gotta know what you're doing on the tune. Not bashing just saying it gets difficult on the "tune" with that big of a shot.

Good luck on the turbo, and make that 10.05 official.
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