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Lower 60' and ET, BUT, lower MPH... help please

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So I need to drop about a tenth off my ET and my 60', but can't go over 135mph. Which I am already going a little over 135, with 135.7 and 135.9 being my best passes. I'm putting on some QA1's in the front, prolly Strange adjustables in the rear, and a Spohn drag sway bar. I have to stay under 135mph in the 1/4 since I don't have an NHRA license. The car is running 10.1x-10.3x pretty consistently and I just need a little more to run in the 10.0 range. The 10.1's come on a fresh bottle and the car slows down a little on the second pass. I'm just worried about the first pass out of a bottle right now. The battery is still in the front, but I don't think that hurts too much.

Any thoughts?
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I don't know if you're still working on the .1, but are you running a Trans brake or foot brake? Also, the chute is cheap insurance! I've talked to a few guys that wished they'd had them after the fact, but never met someone that regretted putting one on their car. Remember that purple barracuda that won one of the Pinks All Out episodes last year? That car is totaled now, and the owner said that if he had a chute he would have been able to save it. He was only running 138mph if I'm not mistaken.


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