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Looking for 1 roomate,
I ask that you have a job and are respectable and wont destroy my stuff.
The Johnvon house hold has been upgraded cense my last roomates and i have alot of nice furniture now. If you have pets they are welcome, i have a nice big yard for critters to run around in. also have a new xbox 360 hooked up to a 62 inch tv with surround sound.
the price is $350 a month. that includes cable internet and utilities,
i do have a 2 car gurage, and 2 storage sheds for your stuff.
The house is on the west side, in a nice neighbor hood.
washer and dryer and you get your own bath room.
give me a call if you are interested.

also forgot to add
i like doing a food plan, for $100 a month i go to the store and load up on the goodies and it is a free for all on the fridge. no special shelves bs, only exception is if you buy your own beer / food i wont touch it.

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Holy shit. Thats a good fucking deal man...This is exactly what I will be looking for when I get out....GL
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