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Well I was on Toys R Us' website and was looking at different toys for my step sons bday which is on the 8th.

I was looking at the Power Rangers Mega Mission Helmet and I remembered seeing the commercial, and you can connect it to the computer and the helmet lights up and gives the kid directions on what to do. Its nothing to crazy.

Well this review caught my eye on it

By Disturbed Mom & Dad from Selma said:
Worst Expensive toy in the World
Describe Yourself:
Parent Of Two Or More Children
Bottom Line:
No, I would not recommend this to a friend

I would not recommend this toy to anyone. My son has had his toy for 4 months and we are now just getting the correct directions to install the software which was still very fustrating. After all the installation problems my 6 year old son discovers that its nothing to look on the computer and fight along with but that you are suppose to use your imaginations...
Not that I am a moron or whatever, but the whole point of the toy is to use their imagination as well as any other toy. Not to mention if the parents couldn't figure out how to install the software, they should have stuck to playing monopoly or something, cause obviously they are not good at life.

then i read more of the review and the kid thinks he got owned

By Disturbed Mom & Dad from Selma said:
...Its funny because my 6 year old words were "I've been had." "They tricked me". I am so disturbed that the company would charge so much money for nothing.
I am speechless as to how some parents and kids are...i just dont get it.

So wait they paid money, installed software, and then then after connecting it the kid had to use his imagination? that does sound like a waste of time/rip off
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