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Locowill vs TwinTurboTrex

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Be easy on me LOL, first video ive ever made.

[ame=""]YouTube - LocoWIll Turbo M3 vs TwinTurboTrex TT GT500[/ame]
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Awesome video, I have 10 more lbs of boost for the next video, lol
I will have something for a turbo busa or whatever in a week or two once my converter is, **** 150, how about 180 mph.
It was alot of fun, and the bimmer does hall the mail........................but looks like it hauled the mail in afghanistan.
You know when I read the title I got excited like Tyson/Holyfield 1. I got excited like a 15 year old with a new SWANK. That was pretty ill! What was the the mph on those runs?
Considering that we went from 80 mph it was well over 140 mph and we were running out of road. :driving:
only the ass end that was shown to you LOL but yeah there is a good amount of damage i gotta get fixed , and no i wont post pics of the damage.
Dont get all, I have plenty of cars that would show you the ass end as well, and it may only be a tank of c16 and the turn of a knob under the hood for this car to edge your bimmer, I dont think there is much around that would beat your bimmer, it is awesome, and I would never expect a bimmer to be that fast...........congrats on an awesome car, let me know when you want a rematch, I will come loaded this time. :headbang:
Correct, we turned it up from 18 lbs, the first time we raced and I got the jump, but was not posted was on the higher boost level, second race car went into safe mode so we thought we might have a little detonation problem, so we turned car back down. I would be happy to make some more fun runs and crank this baby to 27lbs, and I think my car would hold it to the ground with a little feathering.
lol, I was gaining on you on low boost, clearly watch the last vid, but it is all cool, it dont matter how much boost, it is all who won the race, next time we are not going from 70 to 80 mph, we will go from a dig or alot lower of a roll, I did it your way this time so next time it is my way.
14# is street tune on full unleaded, we had the car on race tune, but boost was turned up a notch over pump gas setting. It was 18 lbs as we put a guage on it to turn it down once we reached my shop.
1 - 8 of 88 Posts
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