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Locowill vs TwinTurboTrex

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Be easy on me LOL, first video ive ever made.

[ame=""]YouTube - LocoWIll Turbo M3 vs TwinTurboTrex TT GT500[/ame]
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when was this filmed?
ok rex we need to hear it from u cause Joe, Art , and many other people out there including myself heard u say it was on 22 come on dude spill the beans
and from my conversation with joe earlier in the day i was expecting to run u on 26-27 not being cockey just stating that my afgan busted bimmer ass end was shown to pretty pretty shelby LOL boost for boost even.
we will run aigan bring the same car and run whatever boost u want
cause guess what i gots more clicks left also :no:

hey handy1222000 would you like to see my tail light? you would need binoculars
i wont be racing for a while until i get the afgan ass end all patched up
More like a teliscope haha, that ****ing bimmer ROLLS out!

My money will be on loco if he get a good pull, a good pull being it doesnt slide out. Anyone up for some money races?

Holy shit!!! :yikes:

That Bimmer moves the F out!!! I wasn't expecting that at all!!!
dude, wait untill you see the m3 in person. its like a bad mind **** sitting in a nice ass bmw and then it taking off and pulling like a rocket.

the video does no justice to how much of a beast that car is.
pink and purple still, a bit of a burn on my wrist. nothing too bad, its already starting to clear up.

GOOD TIMES hahaha.

p.s. Art aka 01blowsme aka 01smoked aka 01smokedbyispeed is ****ed. this is the tsc wide notice.
impossible. people never lie. (british accent)
1 - 6 of 88 Posts
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