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Locowill vs TwinTurboTrex

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Be easy on me LOL, first video ive ever made.

[ame=""]YouTube - LocoWIll Turbo M3 vs TwinTurboTrex TT GT500[/ame]
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That car is fast as hell no doubt about it.
I think that would be a damn good race for sure.
thanks guys..

and HT, thats cause it was the BITCHSTANG filming, and well, we all know he is a bitch :lol:
Not sure on power, but no the car didnt spin at all when I rode in it.
saturday night
On the first runs it was turned up a bit then it tripped the computer and all that crap happened, then turned it back down to 18lbs for the races that were on the video... Now if I wouldnt have watched john turn the boost controller, those races would have been on about 27psi :lol: he was trying to turn it down and turned it the wrong direction and turned it up haha. I told him he ****ed up and he turned it back the other way.
I dont think either would have a chance. Neither would trap 150
I will have something for a turbo busa or whatever in a week or two once my converter is, **** 150, how about 180 mph.
Hahah.. well ya, that car will bone both of the bikes haha.
I dont have that run. Was my first newb mistake with videos lol and thats why i didnt post it. I loaded it, watched it, and somehow deleted that and the bye run you made. Not sure how I did it. Sorry guys.

But in that race, Rex did get a jump out starting first, but once Will got in the throttle and quite spinning it literally stayed the same distance. Neither car was pulling at all. I think a clean race on that boost and it would have been damn near even with the shelby slightly edging out the M3 because Rex didnt spin at all, and I think he would have gotten out front from hooking.. Im just basing my guesstimation on what I saw in that video.
haha wtf happened?
you need a new name. blue magic is gay
1 - 13 of 88 Posts
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