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Yeah, this car is a freaking beast. Image with some slicks? It'd be pretty much a mid 9 second car. :lol: Hell image with just some headers instead of the full factory exhaust.

[ame=]Lingenfelter 2009 C6 ZR1 Corvette Runs 10.03 @ 141.50 MPH! - Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Forum[/ame]
The Lingenfelter Track Rental Day at Muncie Dragway produced a new fastest time for the Lingenfelter 2009 ZR1 Corvette. This Lingenfelter ZR1 has the latest version of our second level of supercharger upgrades and produces an impressive 739 RWHP & 720 RWTQ. The Lingenfelter supercharger upgrades included our pulley upgrade, air intake modifications, intercooler improvements and tuning. This was run with stock exhaust manifolds and factory cat back exhaust with Mild to Wild Switch. Link to Video of 1/4 run Videos | Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
The modifications so far are the result of our C6 ZR1 development work and included the following:

Stock LS9 cylinder heads & short block
Stock LS9 exhaust manifolds and cat back exhaust system

- LPE 8.5” diameter harmonic balancer – 11 rib
- LPE 2.60” diameter supercharger pulley – 11 rib
- Lingenfelter S&B air filter
- 4” diameter air intake tube with mass air sensor
- Ported stock throttle body
- Intercooler supercharger inlet modifications
- Double capacity intercooler heat exchanger
- Larger capacity intercooler reservoir system
- Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials P345/35R18 rear
- M&H Racemaster P185/50R18 front
- CCW Aluminum wheels

Humid 80 F degree Indiana weather at 932 ft altitude
The dyno graph is awesome.


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