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L98 383 Stroker build 10 psi

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Hey so this is my first build and I'm trying to do it right the first time.
I'm building a 383 stroker for my 1986 Z28. Heres what I have

L98 block bored .030 over
Stroker assembly from
crank stroke 3.75
5.7 forged rods
12cc dished pistons
splayed main caps
novi 1000 with 10-11lbs pulley
1.6 crane gold rockers
hardened pushrods (stock length)

So with 64cc chambers the compression ratio should be 10.2:1 :yikes:

I know thats way too high to run 10psi so I want to know what size chambers should I be looking for 68cc, 72cc or..... size runners 190cc or 210cc?

Also what size cam? I want it to be a hydraulic roller cam.

I was thinking and airgap intake

btw it is a carbed motor. Unsure on carb setup aswell.

All help would be really appreciated. :beer:
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You don't want that kind of LSA with a blower it won't make boost until the redline, and good blower cam will not give the "raunchy as hell idle"
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