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Kinda new in a way...

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My Name is Scott. I've been here for a lil while, and was on RSW for quite some time. I haven't seen anyone from here in a long time, but am gonna be breaking back out into the car thing here soon i hope, and alot faster than before. I used to roll around with BADNEWS and the other guys, in my last car, when i was out. I will be looking for really good solid advice, and searching for parts. I think this is a great place for help. I'll post a pic of my old car, when i figure out how, as i would hope alot of you would remember it, and be able to put a face to my posts. It was an all black 1971 Buick Skylark, with a 406 Pontiac and the squeeze. Mid to low 12 second car. I've since sold it, and just picked up a 71 vega wagon to start working on next. I do look forward to meeting the people i don't know, and seeing the people i do.

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welcome to the site
What up Scot!
Welcome to TSC
oh christ now there are 2 scotts with vega's your not a cop too are you lol....welcome
Welcome to the site...... I think I saw that Skylark for sale on 2nd street a while back.
You got some work to do.. Welcome to TSC
Wuz up Scott. I hadn't heard or seen you in awhile. Glad to hear you are going to spend some of your hard earned dough back on a hotrod. You still 4 wheel with the International of yours?

Hell yea sick Vega!!! Welcome to TSC.
STEVE!!! Long time buddy.... Yea i still have the scout, its actually in pieces right now. I have alot to do to this lil wagon, but i think it'll be a blast. I just need to get some connections goin, and people need to get to know me so i have a better chance of findin parts. :driving: You do any car stuff anymore, or just the bikes?
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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