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Kid Tasers Himself

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[ame=""]Kid Tests New Taser On Himself [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@1465298[/ame]
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oops!!! Didn't quite expect that now did we!?!?!?!
:lol: oh it'll just be a little shock.. oops!
FAKE! I have been tasered plenty of times, in much worse places than the hand and I have never been knocked out. I have seen plenty of people get tasered as well. Never seen this result.
Definitely fake! Trey and myself were tazing our selves at Sean's one night with Cisco's tazer and it never knocked us out.
True that. Fake as hell. I remember that shit Danny. We were doin some crazy shit. Hardest one was holdin somethin in our hand and tazing that arm and trying to keep holdin onto what was in our hand :lol:
weston tazered me once for like 30 seconds while i was trying to drink a beer! ****in spilled it everywhere! never got knocked out though!
If its not fake then I want some specs on that taser.

Damn I remember the days of shocking the hell out of ourselves with Cisco's taser.. I believe there was a little bit of alcohol involved
If it is real poor guy lol
Did he not knock himself from his hand hitting himself in the face?
Did he not knock himself from his hand hitting himself in the face?
That's what it looked like.
yea looked like he hit himself in the face,unless its some new hybrid taser
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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