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I started going through some of my footage and threw together this short clip of Jerry at the Street Brawl since he requested a video. Only one run because he got banned after this 9.98 pass lol. More video to come soon.

[ame=""]YouTube - Jerry's Twin Turbo Tiger[/ame]

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hey jerry nice hole shot!! looks like you put 2 car lengths on him by half track, but he drove around ya. man you car launches hard!
I knew i could'nt beat him but thought it would look cool if I tree'd the shit out of him because he was making sure not to red light.
That car wil run deep in the 8's and it is a true street car!!!!!!! Which is really impressive.
I need to thank Chris Groves owner of the Dyno Edge for putting a good tune in the motor, it leaves with low 1:50's 60ft and runs sweet the rest of the way and its a safe tune with 9-10lbs of boost.
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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