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Me and my youngest were heading back from Sears (had to purchase some *****, excuse me, wire cutters) and were heading up 528 into Rio Rancho.

I could see a Mustang GT coming up by our side, it gets next to us and floors it. This is a early 2000 GT maybe, not 100% certian, anyhow it jumps out a good 3 cars as the Monte didn't bite and give in to this 'Tom Foolery'...

But then I knew what Lucille wanted (not to be confused with my wife Lucy, she named the Monte Lucille)...

So I caught up to the Mustang, it also had two passengers, I motioned and yelled for them to slow down, they did and we are now rolling side by side at 30mph, I could tell the driver, a younger kid thought he was hot shit in that GT, so I told him, you know you are about to lose, to which he laughed. We both floored it at the same time (the GT had a throaty exhaust) and the Monte pulled a strong 2 cars on it upto 70mph when I let off, so it was roughly a 30-70mph type run...

As I was pulling away after flooring it I gave them the bye bye wave, when I let off and as they were catching up, my hand was out the window giving them the no-no finger wave, as I so often do.

Anyhow, the genuis of a passenger asks me, 'Is that a V8?"

Now, the Monte is a LS4, being a LS Series it is very very similiar to a LS1, LS2. The Monte has had its resonator removed and its mufflers replaced with straight pipe, so figure what your LS1 or LS2 would sound like unbaffled and no mufflers. Anybody in thier right mind should realize that it is a V8.

I kindly told him, "Nope, its a V6." and then smoked them again.


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Some of our funnest kills throughout the years have been in my slower cars.

The GTO and Neon have great power and excitement, but the sweet 'old lady's car', the Monte is a blast and I love her.
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