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Iraqi wedding

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Why you dont give a kid a gun. Smart people.

[ame=]YouTube - Iraqi Wedding[/ame]
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Damn... That sucks, what a moron for letting that kid hold the gun!
I think the kid had the right idea!:lol:
Looks authentic. Might be the stupidest thing Ive seen online.
At least he shot the dumbshit that gave him the gun.
Well, it's not in Iraq... But it is somewhere in the middle east. Handguns are illegal in Iraq, and the Iraqis are afraid of them anyways. Saddam had people executed by handgun, so they fear it.

Nonetheless, that was pretty retarded. That guy deserved it.
Good way to thin the heard. What a dip shit.
Should have shot him in the head.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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