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yep!! :money::money:

Art's a cheater he was there.. :lol:
hahahaha that car is crazy, to bad he lost the race by 1 thousands of a second he had enough car to drive around anyone in the class, i have no idea why he was cutting it so close with the lights, i wanted to see hm and the big stuff car battle it out in the finals and see what they both could do

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alright shoot lol
it's the thrust that is created that helps to keep the nose down thru the transitions.. if you watched the car on a pass you would notice how balanced the chassis was from the lunch to the point when it allowed the front tire to touch and spin 400ft down the track... by dynoing a car that was strapped down with scales under the tires that the thrust from the exhaust would push the front end of the car up and zero the scales out "while strapped down" <---how much force is that... if the exhaust is at a down angle of any kind it will force the nose up on these cars many of the cars still have the exhaust going out the side in a 90* angle but most of the faster cars have switched to this, Groves and I were talking about not having a turn down on a car and just having it go streight back may use some of the exhaust thrust to propel the car at the top end.. he put a turndown on the black car and tried to dyno it and it blew the turndown off the car hit a bucket of water and knocked it off the back of the dyno.. yeah, lots of air flow ask Ghost about the airflow behind that car next time you talk to him..
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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