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I sprinkle head gaskets on my wheaties and eat em for breakfast!!!

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Lol! The car was running great Saturday so I decided to take it out Saturday night. Got set up with a GTO on a 150 shot, we went out on tramway and the car was loading up real bad at a cruise, bout a 20 roll 3 honks he sprays I mash it car hesitates for a second hits the tires dirty I started catchin him, hit 2nd and hits the tires harder, get next to him and it flattens out around 4,500 and I here detonation, pedal it a little hit the shift light and 3rd, detonation WTF!!!! Go back to the parking lot, add a few pounds of fuel and (oh yeah, BTM is unplugged!!!) Plug BTM back in. Hey GTO, lets run again. Back to tramway turn the BTM to .5 deg, 20 roll, 3 honks it's on! Hittin the tires hard, 2nd gear same story, WTF!!! Started gettin a little warm, limped it back let it cool, added some water. Cool, cruise home and go to bed, layin in bed and remembered changing some vaccuum and boost lines earlier Saturday, didn't have a small "T" fitting to run the boost line to BTM, Hmmmmmmm lets see dumb ass, if you don't have the line to the BTM it WONT ****EN WORK!!!!!! I am an idiot! No worries, go fire up the car sunday, no coolant in the oil, runs good, idling for 20 seconds I pull the cap to check the coolant "Kapoooooof!" Blows the ****en cap off!!! Great! Compression in the radiator is a sacred religious miracle in some countries! NOT!!!!! So yes, another head gasket bites the dust! I am buying stock in MLS gaskets, one gasket at a time!!! Anyways, blower is coming off!!! Got something else to put on it :pimp:
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You have something else going on, blowing head gaskets shouldn't be any more of a problem with a Blower than with N20 or a Turbo, If you think the Blower is to blame, wait 'til the nitrous gets a hold of it, no head gasket will live until you get the detonation under control, I'm not trying to be a know it all, but I know head gaskets aren't cheap.
Im not the smartest guy.... Well maybe... but 22 degrees of timing is a hell of alot of timing for that motor. I mean i dont know exactly how its built but yeah. On another note i redeemed you twice against that GTO with spray.:headbang: I demolished him the first time but i guess apparently he was out or dint have much bottle pressure for his nitrous so he got another bottle that was full. Second time i still got him but was alot closer. Prob the closest race ive ever had. So if anybody knows him give him a kudos for me. Besides spray what else does he have done?

Mustangs Are The Heat!!!
I want to redeem the GTO, so why don't you bring your Mustang "Heat" out and I'll see if i can give you a lttle closer race than the GTO, I hope you don't demolish me!
HAHA.... OH SnapX2.. I cant help but pick up your sarcasm. I cant tell by the picture but is this the guy that races himself in parking lots? I know nothing about you. What do you have done to your car? Does anybody know anything about this guy?
I don't know if I'm the guy who race's himself in parking lots, but I am the guy who checks his trans-brake in parking lots, but after listening to you brag about picking on the GTO and seeing the CHEVY SUCKS on your bumper in your sig, I just thought I'd offer, since you haven't had any close races:pimp:
You know damn well your that guy, and if i remember correctly the GTO is the one who came to me and asked me to run so how am i picking on him? Sounds kinda like what your doing "Mr. Wraith", lets go pick on the GT. Couldnt let the GTO make the FoxBody look bad, of course we know he wasnt runnin right. And check it out Chuch Norris Dos Equis' guy, I never said i havnt had a close race, i said it was the closest race ive ever had, two different things. And in my original quote i was givn the guy kudos for the race. I explained why I "demolished" him, cause he ran out of nitrous, if you dont remember $20 Billion dollar man. But its alright i dont expect you to be too smart... you do drive a chevy. HAHA.
You're mean! and you've hurt my feelings.
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