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I need of some help.

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In need of some help.

OK everyone i don't know what else to do so i need some help my 1999 t/a windows won't roll up and the radio has stoped working the car runs fine and i had the battery check and its good. I checked all the fuses and there fine too i'm thinking it might be a short but i'm not sure. So if someone could help me out i would appreciate.
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My car did this once and never happened again, its the RAP (retained accesory power) module...

The Rap is on the firewall just to the right of the gas pedal.

Try wiggling the wires on the BCM (body control module) and see if a wire(s) is loose, you might need a new BCM.
Pull the glove box
Pull the panel below the glove box
Pull the passenger kick panel and you're there.
Retained Accessory Power (RAP) Schematics attached.

"The retained accessory power (RAP) system is a subsystem of the body control module (BCM). The RAP system provides the following features:
- Convenience
- Increased security

The RAP system applies battery voltage to the following components:
- The radio fuse 17
- The windows circuit breaker

The RAP system allows operation of the following components:
- The power folding top
- The radio
- The power windows
- The rear fog lamps (Export)

The RAP system allows operation of the above components for approximately 10 minutes after the ignition switch is turned to the OFF position. Operation is interrupted before the end of 10 minutes if a door is opened.

The RAP system also allows the operation of the door locks and the rear compartment lid release with the ignition switch in the OFF position.


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If there is a loose connection, pull the BCM out and you might have to do a little soldering.

Take a look at this thread aswell.
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