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I got faster overnight!

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Somehow I rationalized that if I got cash for my Galaxie it would just go to pay off debt.........then i would need more money for depression therapy, turning into a vicious cycle. So why not get something that would be easier to sell if push came to shove AND bypass the psychobabble?

Enter the 2007 ZX10r!!!!!!:beer: With my 160lb ass it should move out. :secret:

Alas.....these are the only pics I can share today..

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Nice bike. I like your sweet ass details
Thanks I have only ridden it a couple of times because of the wacky weather. I'm about to order a GiPro with a TRE and hopefully it will hit a little harder down low. It's pretty damn quick though :beer:
raced anything yet?
**** the TRE save money and pull the flys
+1 that TRE bullshit is :gay:. Ask Junior who rides the green zx10 how much that mod helps
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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