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1) It's best to have the car level so you can start by putting it on four jackstands.

2) Under the car remove the drain plug from the transmission. Don't forget a container to catch it!

3) Once the fluid has drained replace/tighten the plug.

4) Grab 4 quarts of your favorite transmission fluid. I used Royal Purple.

5) Remove the shift knob.

6) Remove the shift boot and unplug the cigarette lighter.

7) Remove this metal cover.

8) Remove the shifter.

9) Back under the car remove this fill plug from the transmission and place a container under the hole to catch the fluid that's going to pour out in a minute.

10) Pour the new transmission fluid in.

11) The transmission will be correctly filled when fluid starts to pour out of the fill plug hole.

12) Put everything back together and you're done!

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Nice man I bet hat will help someone. Im pretty anal about having the car on four jack stands so I go one more step and put rims under all four tires. It makes me feel a bit safer but thats me.
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