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Hobbs, NM Oct. 17th Anyone down for breaking some records?

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It is roughly 300 miles to Hobbs from Albuquerque, but on the 17th they are having a night race and this track dead hooks. Anyone interested in a TSC meet there to break some records with all that good air and traction?
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hell ya ill ask Sean if he wants to head down there
How strict is the tech?
How strict is the tech?
They have never said anything about my 9 seocnd passes down there, but the are an NHRA track so you never know. I thought I would run it all out once or twice before the end of the year.
man that sounds like a great idea.. only one problem.. it's on a Sat. sucks for me.. is Roswell already closed? I'd like to come run down there if they are open..
What is the DA down there? How is the run off area? Bike doesn't like the potholes when its strapped. Have been fortunate in Alb but I have to be strategic at the end of the shut down so I don't take the pan off, lol.
Plenty of shutdown and it is in good shape too. I went 140ish down there and my buddy went 145 and never pulled the chute.
might be able to make that, got to ask the woman
Damn, I wish I could make it! But I'll be in Florida for work.
You mean they do not throw you off the track for running all out...............? awesome, I might have to take something down to play and have fun with.
They have never said anything about 9 second passes so far........
I wonder how they are with bikes now.
I may show up to see how my gearing runs at the track.
how long does it take to get there from Roswell?
2 Hours from my door to the gate.
I'll be there Friday night and possibly Saturday. Going to try and get into the 10's cam only with a 150 shot. As for the tech, he just made sure my bottle was bolted down, and never said another word. Me and another guy went low 11's without a cage, bar, or helment and they didn't say anything. If I can't get 10's friday, I'll try my best on saturday.
Haven't they done alot of work to this before this season. was told it was twice the track it used to be?
The facility is pretty nice. All concrete pits. Dead Hooks!
Since Roswell Cancelled the last track day of the year, I'm gonna have to make this happen.
What time do the gates open?
Hell yeah maybe I can get a few people to head out from here Saturday....
Damn I wish I could go!!
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