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My boyfriend and I I share them : ) not very well might I add. Apparently I'm "selfish". Lol. What do you have done to your camaro?
The list is quite long but its a 383cui 6.2l LS1 Stroker, Lunati Crank, JE Pistons, H-beam rods, Custom Cam 231/235 .643"/.645" 113LSA, LS6 PRC 2.5 Heads, LS6 Manifold, 1-3/8" Long Tube headers, True duals, TNT Wet Nitrous kit, in a short summary.

Car has ran a best of 11.18 with a best trap of 123 in Houston, on motor.

I'm trying to get a Moser 9" and some pro-stars right now. Then Im gona spray the piss out of it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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