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Personally, I love the ACR, GTR, 911 Turbo, and the ZR1. Each car has its own amazing capabilities and features. They each have there own faults. I would put my money where my mouth is and bet that not any one car is better than any other in every category. .
I disagree completely. Other than from a roll against the ZR1, the ACR will own all of the other cars in every category. The ZR1 may beat it at the dragstrip, but it has yet to do it.

Have you ridden in an ACR? Ive been lucky enough to drive one. if you want a performance car that is "comfortable", go buy a bugatti veyron. NONE of the above cars have the qualities of something like a Bentley, Mercedes, etc etc except for the 997 Porsche, and it gets spanked so badly in performance by the american cars its really a moot point.

The ACR stomps every other car on a road course, it has posted the fastest 1/4 time out of the bunch, and it really isnt that uncomfrotable. Go drive one and tell me you couldnt live with it everyday. If someone gave me an ACR and said "you have to drive it everyday though", i would say thank you sir may I have another. People complaining about comfort in this test are a bit ridiculous to me. All of the cars are within a similar comfort zone. None of them are going to ride like an S600, Phantom, or a Bentley Arnage.

I want my car to bust whatever cars ass it runs into in a specific category, and everyone of the above cars other than the GTR delivers.

Out of the bunch, I would personally take the ZR1. More than likely you will run into someone on the highway more often than anywhere else, and the ZR1 will simply pimp slap every other car in that respect.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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