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GMC Solid axle swap build thread (pic heavy)

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This will be the first build thread so bare with Me if I screw this up. I'm in the middle of redoing my front suspension on my 2000 gmc Sierra. I'm tired of the IFS nonsense and looking for a more capable setup. Here's where i started...

I started with a 6 inch rancho lift, and added and added until the ride just flat out sucked. My steering is heavy and the angles on the front drive shafts were pretty disgusting. So I cut out the entire front end and started fresh.


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Lookin good.

Probably gonna want to truss the shit out of the 44 if you plan on air time. I've bent quite a few under a full size and not much abuse.
Pics of bent ones or pics of trussed ones?

Which truck in my sig are u referring to? There's pics of most of em on the newbie intro page, "new from Los town"...

I have some in photo bucket somewhere of the truss on my dodge, ill find em.
I dont think Artec sells a 44 full width truss except for a rear diff. If It were me, Id just get some ~1.5" dom and go knuckle to knuckle and plate it. Thats what I did to my 9.25 up front and its seen some serious abuse with no problems. We've done the same thing to 3 other trucks as well...all get abused and not another bent axle since. My 04 and my buddies 03 were both on their 3rd front axle before we trussed these ones...

A 60/14 is def the way to go, but the 60 will still need trussing for any real air time. And I totally understand running 1/2 ton crap. There are benefits to it too, far less unsprung weight being one of them. Either way, you are winding up with a far better setup than the IFS.

When I went from the 9.25 rear/44 front in my 74 to the 60/14 bolt I felt like I lost tons of power. And that was going from 3.55's in the half ton stuff to 4.10's in the 1 ton stuff. Its a big difference. And the handling going "fast" off road was compromised. The cheap white body shocks controlled the light axles ok, the heavy stuff, not at all...
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Track bar n drag link look good. Shouldn't have any noticeable bump steer from the looks of it...
Looks good! I think I've seen you driving around kafb?
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