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GMC Solid axle swap build thread (pic heavy)

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This will be the first build thread so bare with Me if I screw this up. I'm in the middle of redoing my front suspension on my 2000 gmc Sierra. I'm tired of the IFS nonsense and looking for a more capable setup. Here's where i started...

I started with a 6 inch rancho lift, and added and added until the ride just flat out sucked. My steering is heavy and the angles on the front drive shafts were pretty disgusting. So I cut out the entire front end and started fresh.


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Lookin good.

Probably gonna want to truss the shit out of the 44 if you plan on air time. I've bent quite a few under a full size and not much abuse.
If it was me I would do a 60 in the front and then a 14 in the rear. Thats just me though
The investment in those compared to what I'm doing is about another 3k. Finding a D60 from a 77-79 ford is near impossible now a days, and if you do, your gonna pay for it. Then I would need new wheels as my trucks got 6 lugs that are pretty new. In a perfect world with no budget I woulda done that exact setup too though.
Oh ik how that goes man would be a badass setup but looks good man.

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1 - 2 of 45 Posts