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funny guy in silver prelude

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I was crusing on montgomery and im just riding along going to sonic. When this silver prelude pulls up next to me and his loud mouth friend says "do you wanna race?". I just look and ignore the dude, the light turns green and he speeds in front of me when another light turns red and he asks me the same question. I just turn and laugh that really pissed him off. we stop again and he says why are you laughing "this is a hybrid motor this has 320hp it will smoke your little mustang :bsflag:". I was like lets run umm then if its so fast. that was the funny part what the hell is a hybrid motor first thing i thought was a prius and those are real fast :handjob:. from what i saw it was stock and it was for sale. we pulled up to the light right after sonic and he says " take daddys car home before you brake it" i have heard that so many times it just makes me laugh
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In the honda world, a hybrid motor pretty much means a frankenstein motor. Like all car companies, some cars/parts from the same company are interchangeable. It would be like putting LS7 Heads on an LS1 with an LS6 cam, so to speak.

But unless it's boosted/sprayed, there's no god damn way in hell a honda makes 320 wheel. Hell, you'd have to spray that bitch with a ****ing 150 button to make 350 at most. And we all know that's quite difficult to do on a honda.
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