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So, i really don't use this computer for gaming anymore. Just into it as much as I was. So, I'm selling this setup:

-Dell 17 inch (I think)
-HP mouse
-HP Keyboard

Computer Specs:
-Dual Core 3.0 Ghz processor
-9800 1GB Graphics card
-4GB of ram (uses 32 bit vista)
-Built in DVR (yes, you can watch tv on your computer)
-DVD Write/Play
-Multicard reader (16 different cards it can read, ie: SD Card)
-500GB Internal Harddrive
-Really nice 660 Watt Power supply (Cords are covered and everything)

Price is $600 OBO

Call or text 505-414-1473. This thing really can handle any game thrown at it and works amazing.

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How much for just the rig?
I really prefer not to part out. However, I am willing to do the tower, the small screen, keyboard, and the mouse for about 650 if you're ok with that. Shoot me a call or text if you're interested. 505-414-1473

I just don't want a bunch of misc computer laying around my house because I'm moving at the end of the month.
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