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These wheels and tires are only 5 months old with about 500 miles on them. I bought them brand new from Discount Tire for $830, they are still in EXCELLENT condition. The wheels are Voxx Monza 17x7 with two different bolt patterns 5x100 and 5x114. The tires are Kumho Solus KH16 and the size is 215/50/17. I am asking $600 OBO, thats a great deal on these!!!....

I also have a Turbonetics 50 trim that needs new seals. Oil was starting to get in the exhaust. $150 OBO

I have stock motor and tranny mounts with inserts for a SRT-4 $45 OBO

Stock stereo for a SRT-4(CD player works when it wants) other then that its fine $35 OBO

Stock tail lights with spray on tint for a SRT-4 $40 OBO

If you have any questions or your interested send a PM or call me at 505-450-9151
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