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I have tons of crap I need to get rid of from projects and past cars I've had. If you have any question feel free to send me a text @ 505-450-9151 or PM me. Well here it goes....................

Log manifold that I bought for my 90 Integra $55 OBO

4 steelies that came off a 91 Accord with shitty tires $60 OBO

4 steelies that came off a 90 Integra with shitty tires $60 OBO

Front bumper off a 2000 Eclipse. Has crack on bottom $25

Rear bumper with stock mud flaps off a 91 Accord $20

Side skirts off a 91 Accord $10

6k HIDs off a 91 Accord. One of the boxes dont work but bulbs are good. $30

5 bolt down pipe flange $3

Stock Injectors and fuel pump off a 90 Integra $50 OBO

Stock exhaust mani and some exhaust pipes off a 90 Integra $35 OBO

Stock clutch and pressure plate in good shape off a 90 Integra $45 OBO

Clutch, pressure plate and flywheel off a 91 Accord. Clutch pretty wore down but pressure plate and flywheel in good shape $50 OBO.

Stock tail lights off a 91 Accord in GREAT shape $50 OBO

Side mirrors off a 91 Accord. Non power.(guy in pic not included lol) $50 OBO

Driver side headlight off a 91 Accord. $10

Intake mani with fuel rail and injectors off a 91 Accord $60 OBO

Donut out of a 91 Accord $10

Motor mount insert for a 91 Accord $10

3 electric fans $7 each

Donut out of a 2000 Eclipse $15

Beat up air filter $2

Head lights off of a 97 Neon. Need to be cleaned $25

Ricer tail lights off of a 97 Neon. Will add 10whp to your car lol $50 OBO

And last but not least a subwoofer box with two(2) 10" Thunder subs and built in amp $160 OBO

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