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Casting number 799. Extensive research shows that the 799 is the exact same as a 243!

Stock valve size, stock intake runner size, NO VALVE SPRINGS INCLUDED

Work done:

Heads cut to a 59cc combustion chamber (my car sat at 11.5:1 with a .040" head gasket and NEVER pinged on pump gas)

Three-angle valve job

Ported and polished

All work done by Jess Jenkins

I've seen these heads go for $500 bare, $800 complete and I put a lump of money into getting them worked on so I'm asking for $700 (or make me an offer) compare at over $1300 new!!! Call/text/PM me (505)690-0196

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HAHA extensive research shows that your a dip shit cum bubble and those heads are ****n garbage...
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