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Name: Gabriel S.
Location: New mexico
Contact: [email protected] / AIM: GABRIELOLG / yahoo: juniormt2
Price: 50 Dollars FIRM

I have a copy of Gears of War 2 for the Xbox 360. The game was only played through once and hasnt been touched since. I have dedicated my time to COD:World at War and MK vs DCU. So I just want to make some cash back from it while give you folks a discount off the full price of the game which goes for 65 bucks with tax at Hastings/Gamestop.

I am asking 50 Bucks for it

Here are some pictures of the game

And Yes, I approve this message :lol:

You can contact me via email or on instant messenger.

Thanks for looking!


311 Posts
If all goes well and i'm not batshit poor by the weekend i'll pm you and probably take it off your hands.
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