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I have a used Garrett T3/T04E .57 trim (I believe it is a 46mm turbo, .60 a/r compressor side, .48 a/r turbine side).

The turbo never smoked, has absolutely no shaft play, and was on a motor that was not able to push enough gas to make 7psi on the gate. It is also rated to 450+ horse.

I'm asking $350 OBO for it (It retails for $589 plus shipping).

If interested, please pm me or text/call 5059200015.

Would work great on Hondas/other 4 bangers.

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It's a little like mine but just a bit smaller but will spool better fairly well.

So on a bike it will work fine. Probably most efficient in the 325hp range @about 18psi(depending on compression of engine) and max out at about 28psi. Have to really see the compressor map.
Wouldn't you rather use turbos to see what they do rather than read books? I have a "few" turbo books in case you are interested in some maps, lol......:copstop:
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