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hey guys, so i got an 8gig zune i dont use anymore that i wanna get rid of its blue and comes with the cord. i dont have any pictures of it but if your interested just let me know and ill get you one.

i also have a tipman 98 custom paintball gun with a 20oz cO2 tank and i know its not the best but i dont use so maybe someone else will.

the last thing i got is a docking station for an ipod but its one of them real fancy ones:lol: but has the ability to have all of the other chargers for your phone or bluetooth or whatever.

Zune: $55
Docking station:$50

All Prices are of course OBO:headbang:

Text me at 554-8978 if you have any questions or pm me,
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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