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· Psssh. Mustang
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93 cobra r ftmfw
Indeed. About time a foxbody makes it onto video games!:headbang:
They better have all the available upgrades (more upgrade for more cars too)... and I mean everything. 302 351c/w 427 460! supercharger turbo nos omg:headbang:

· TSC Resident UltiTroll
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Until that one day where you wake your little princess ass up and say to yourself "WHERE ARE THE BITCHES?"

Then you turn into a ****ing PIMP. :pimp:

You be poppin' Cherries with your egg-roll!
Poppin egg rolls with my cherries :lol:

**** you biscuit. You need to get your panzy bitch ass back the **** on COD4 where the **** you belong, you rectum ranger cunt ass try to grow a real ****ing mustache on your balls instead of trying to compensate for it northside polo wearing coco pudding pounder.

And this time, I'm the one eating the grapes. Bitch. :eek:ldman:
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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