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must be nice to have all this time to do nothing but practice:lol:
I think of you working when I ride. It's neat.

Did you hurt anything when you wrecked?
Congrats on the scrape lol
Yup, bent the right clip on and cracked the tank (again). Just a few more zip ties. :beer:

Finally ya bitch.
I love you, Trey.

very nice Keith, so you wrecked afterwards? Hope you all good.

and nice addition to your sig lol. straight ****ed up.
Wreck? Naw. More of a scrape jump run pancake thing. :lol: I'm good to go.

About time puss!
I love you, klutch.

good job keith **** YA !!!!!!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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