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1.7 60 ft
6.9 1/8
105 MPH
129 MPH

Slammed and stretched.

Next it gets an air shifter and a tune and possibly a small gear change.

Still didn't beat my slow ass and I am really slow..... :beer:

Got it into the 10s, i heard that all you need to run a 9.97 is a air shifter and about a 30mph tailwind :beer:
oooof!!! :lol: No backup run apparently. I had to leave before Art would run another but I didn't think he would so he is now part of the "Fluke" club. :smilielol5:

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Busa looked good and ran hard, but I heard it may have been outrun by some POS vega???

I have to take the few wins when I get them. LOL It will probably never happen again.
LOL How did the car run when stalling it on spray? See any better 60's??

Good job Sean. I am guessing you rode it?

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Thanks. I would like to document more builds, but sometimes I guess we just get caught up in working and forget to post/take pics. The next few projects should fun and interesting for everyone.

I can't wait to see how well the Busa runs. It sure is fun so far.
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