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Finally got to race a some what stock gsx-r 750. It was a '05 and I believe he told me it only had a bolt-on exhaust. Anyway, he came up on me at Coors just south of Paseo, but with cars all around us all we do is pace each other. As we enter Paseo he starts bumping his throttle and smiles. Since I suck at roll racing I didn't wait, as soon as the traffic cleared I stepped on it. Him in the wrong gear and me taking off around 40mph I pulled a good 3-4 cars right away. I let off around 130mph with about the same 3-4 cars ahead. He pulls up next to me again with his hands up and motions 3 honks. I nod my head and slow down, he down shifts and nods I honk 3 times and this time he pulls at least 1 car instantly. I shift to 4th as I slowly catch up and pull about a half a car by 140mph where I let off. I didn't think I would have been able to pull on him and maybe another run it would have ended differently. Anyway, we get the light at Jefferson where he gives me a thumbs up tells me what the bike has, I then tell him what my car has and we go on our way. Been awhile since I've had a good close race like that. And since the last bike I raced was a new R1 which pulled at least 10 cars on me I feel good about this race.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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