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exiss aluminum trailer

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Exiss aluminum trailer for sale: $9,999.00

Insulated and finished inside with 30amp electrical panel:
3) double plugs and 2 single plugs inside
2) single plugs outside on passenger side.
5) 4ft 2 tube t-8 flouresence lights
2) exterior halogen 500watt lights.
prewired for airconditioner/heat pump

4000 watt generator with electric start.

storage cabinet on side door.

pics available at:

call Joe @ 505-417-9356 or email me @ [email protected]
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Hey Jimbo, it is 26' inside and 30'4" total length

Ron got the golf cart. sorry!
price reduced to $9,999.00
added AC and new tires for the trip to tulsa last weekend. AC worked great in 104 heat with 80% humidity.

1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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