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Hey guys,
I'm the EuroRider. I live in eastern Europe and I'm in my 30s.

During the day I work in a factory and during the evening/night I deliver Pizzas. I have daughter who I support so I work 2 Jobs. I drive very fast and race to deliver since I get more money then. I started recording myself last week because my nephew bought me a GoPro. In the streets I am known well and some say I could have maybe been pro driver but these are not oppurtinites we have in my country. I have slightly above average IQ but I did nothing with my life and now I need to work to support my family.

You can watch my driving. I will warn you it is very insane for america standards but in my country this is common My newest Video

I drive a Gen 1 Renault Twingo from 1995. It is completly stock except the CD player, has about 170.000 miles on the clock.
It has no ABS, power steering. The top speed is about 100mph
It may only have 60 HP but due to its low weight of just under 2000lbs the power is just out of this world. To give myself more acceleration when I floor the pedal. I underinflated the front tires and overinflated the rear tires. This gives me maximum acceleration when launching and good cornering speed.
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