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Entertainment center

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*FREE*Entertainment center*FREE*

I've been trying to clean out my garage, its getting there. This entertainment center is in the way and collecting dust. Bring me a 12 pack and I'll help you load it up. It for sure holds a 27" tv, I think it holds up to a 32". pm me if interested.

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Does the Kitty pooper scooper come with it too?! LOL!! I'll ask Tanya if she's interested.
Lol, I can include the kitty scooper if thats the deal breaker.
Pooper scooper is gone, entertainment center still available. Bring me a 12 pack and I'll help you load it up.

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TTT, Lowered from 12 pack to 6 pack and I will help load this thing. Picking up my new tool box soon and this is in the way.
I'm sick of seeing it in my garage! I'm thinking about taking a sledge hammer to it and neatly packing it in the trash can. I'll post pics if it comes to that. lol.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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