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Dynoing Wednesday

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Should be interesting. 427 LSX, PRC 285 heads, 232/246 cam. Ysi is being spun to max. Made 917rwhp on a 3.1"/7.25" combo last year, now has a 2.75/8" combo along with a bunch of other stuff. Lighter clutch, light driveshaft, etc. It will be interesting.
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Damn this is some badass ****ing 91 Octane you have!!!
One thing to keep in mind is a 4.125 bore @ 9.7:1 is gonna respond to boost like a 3.9 bore @ 9.2:1 maybe even 9.1:1. I can see running out of octane around 16-18 psi.
345 et streets ftmfw :headbang:
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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