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Drunkest guy ever video, FUNNY

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[ame=""]YouTube - Drunkest Guy Ever Goes for More Beer,Full Video[/ame]
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Damn that guy was determined lol
I've never wanted sound so badly!!!So funny when he goes off screen and falls into the rack.And to think he got so close to making it out without doing any damage.
[ame=""]YouTube - Blame it on alcohol....[/ame]

It's better with music, lol.
With music FTW!! Haha
& Vinny that was nice of you to try to help him in the end. + HP for you good sir.
i like how he walks in all casual... then when he gets his hands on the beer.. he never lets go.. hah..
Been there, lol.
i was pretty drunk last night,pounded a pitched in 5 minutes flat after drink for a few hours,i knocked a bunch of shit over at walmart lol
he looks like he's in fatality from mortal combat or something...
I've been very close to being just that drunk.. Jaegar will make you do retarded things.
WTF that guy has to be more then just drunk!!! :beer: :drunk::stoner: :crackhead: :lol:
It's Five O' clock somewhere.
I think this dude was just a very thirsty special needs man.... haha AKA RETARDED... no just drunk
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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