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Does anyone know audio???

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Ok, so I want to put an amp and subs in my 04 TSX. The trick is I still have the factory stereo, so I bought this RCA ground loop isolator from the audio store cause the guy there told me it was all I need to hook up the amp. So I wire everything in turn on the car and i get power to the amp but no sound out of the subs??? Im not sure if i wired something in wrong or if the isolator is bad. Any help would be great!!

Pic of the RCA ground loop isolator:
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what wires did you hook up the isolator to? THey should go to one of your speakers, 1 neg and 1 pos
Yeah thats how I hooked it up.

So the one I have is not the one? I thought it would be cause it has the RCA jacks.
it looks like you got a noise filter, line out converter should only have the outputs for RCA's and not a set of inputs
Well that blows.. guess its off to best buy.... One thing thought, the one from best buy has a few more wires. Do those all have to be hooked up to something?
it should have 5 wires 1 negative, I set of positive/negative for left and 1 for the right
did it work?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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