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Debate twin screw or centrifigal which one and why?

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I'm trying to decide on a supercharger I want to hear the which you guys/girls prefer and why?
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No I like my engine lmao
That's a silly statement.

BUT, since you "like your engine" I say leave it alone. ANY power adder will add wear and tear to the engine.

Now if you want the most efficient power adder that will be the easiest on your engine, I say turbo.
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My blower has its own powerglide
Your blower has lips, with teeth and a throat behind them
I said that statement because a 200 shot would not be good on the engine
Neither will a blower. If tuned correctly nitrous is just fine.
Not only a tune but need a degree colder on the plugs
You will need a degree colder plug with a blower or turbo too. I ran a 200 shot on my stock motor LS1 for years with no issues.

If I were you I'd turbo it.
you and I both know anything added can cause strain on an engine but that much nos can cause even more damage. :nono:
It's not the "nos" that cause the damage. It's the cylinder pressure and bad a/f ratios. So if you make 600hp on "nos" and 600hp with a blower and it goes will have the same amount of damage. Broken pistons.
What is it you like more about the turbo?
As long as it's done right the heat won't be too big of a deal. Turbos are nicer to the motors than blowers and nitrous, actually helps prevent piston slap in most cases.

Also, as Scott mentioned, my car did very well on nitrous. NEVER ran hot and I could hot lap it without a problem and run 10.0-10.1 pretty much every pass. That won't happen with a turbo car for sure. But you could spray a little nitrous to help it cool the intake temps, that's what I plan on with my new build. IMO stay away from big blowers, they are harder on parts than nitrous if you ask me.
My camaro back halfed about 33mph on the small turbo, and it was laying over too. Well that's back when it didn't have a bent rod
1 - 9 of 153 Posts
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