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Debate twin screw or centrifigal which one and why?

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I'm trying to decide on a supercharger I want to hear the which you guys/girls prefer and why?
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go look on the web for the kb it says the sound is also due to the billet also. That is really good.
If you think about this from a simplistic standpoint, it does not make much sense; just because somebody said it on 'the web' does not make it real.

In terms of your original question, my best advice would be to research and understand the physics of what each forced induction technique does and how the system accomplishes 'it'; once you understand each, then you can take internet opinions with a grain of salt, rather than taking others' opinions as scripture.

That being said, centrifugal or turbo with liquid aftercooling :boobs:
I don't know how anyone can dislike that sound. Its just soo awesome! Better than turbo anyday.
[ame=]Supra VS. Cobra SVT - YouTube[/ame]
1 - 2 of 153 Posts
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