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Debate twin screw or centrifigal which one and why?

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I'm trying to decide on a supercharger I want to hear the which you guys/girls prefer and why?
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Awesome intercooler.

Intercooler awesomeness.

I dont like the idea of some bullshit heat exchanger setup as opposed to a large and efficient air to air.

but thats just me.
My blower has its own powerglide
If its gonna be a street car 90% of the time then I'd go twin screw, just because on the streets you're usually not gonna be up in the higher rpm range so the centri would be asleep most of the time, but the centri will get you more in the high end so if you're running people a lot and letting the engine scream then I'd go centri. Think of it that way.
What about the tongue????
Your blower has lips, with teeth and a throat behind them

1 - 7 of 153 Posts
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