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Debate twin screw or centrifigal which one and why?

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I'm trying to decide on a supercharger I want to hear the which you guys/girls prefer and why?
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pump gas twin screw... then take it to the ragged edge at dyno edge.. :lol:


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Any solutions to avoid high inlet air temps for the KB that you know of? That sux cuz KB should keep up a good rep!
KB has a very good rep. i've had nothing but good luck with their service dept. etc.. let me know if you want a direct contact there.. keep in mind power ='s heat anything you are using turbo/supercharger is going to raise the intake air temps.. that is why you use intercooler or aftercooler to control it.. u can also use a super small shot of nitrous to cool everything off as well.
Turbo cars will make the most power pound for pound of boost. Twin screws will annihilate the tires from 2k rpm up, Centris build boost with rpm. Of course turbo cars are the fastest street cars around these next of the woods.

really,??, not nut swingin (i love me some Sean) but term had quite a bit of success with a lil 200 shot around these parts.. a twin screw or nitrous car will eat you up on short street bursts... and i know a few nitrous guys who if they don't like you will burn you down at the track...
Big motor with a YSI is ****IN hard to beat ask me how I know Scott. I HAVE never had a car jump out on one of my bikes until I raced this zo6 I've molested whipped and KB cobras on my cbr600 from low rolls say 30-40.
i agree.. should have said blower not just twin screw.... you guys are making me want to go drive my cobra.. :lol:
What type of blower?????hmmmmm
either... screw or cent.
Lol you have a cobra still I haven't seen that thing or heard of it in YEARS
me she is making sure the concrete in the garage doesn't

ment to tell you how well your bike look sunday.. that's a bad bish!
See now you made it worse now I'm looking up a ysi blower lol just another thing to debate about hahahaha the blower is it a vortec ysi???
you should look into procharger.. Chris Groves is a dealer.. (dyno edge)
Thanks man. It looks like ass now that it fell over and got all scratched up right before the final.

didn't know that happened... you should paint it green anyway..!! lol
you've said it twice about the compression ratio 11.0:1 is pretty good i'm assuming.
it's high.. but you won't have to run the blower as hard to make power and that will lower the intake air temps as well.. all you are doing with any power adder is tricking the motor into thinking it is bigger than it is and making it more efficient ..
88-91 should be fine at this elev. your comp ratio is a point ish lower up here anyway.. fyi high oct. is 101 and up.. when we get into motor oct. that is a whole other can of worms..
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