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I have an XBOX which includes a controller all the hardware,and Forza Motor Sports game. SOLD

61" Sony XBR Big Screen rear projection TV. Huge 61 inch big screen TV. Model KP61XBR48. Only imperfections is the red is slightly more dominant compared to the green and blue but it is less noticeable if you change the color settings. SOLD

I have an almost brand new Dance Dance Revolution metal pad (still has protective stickers) and the game Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 for the Playstation 2. This metal pad will work with both PS2 or an xbox. Its very nice construction and 100 times better then the cheap plastic mats they sell in stores. SOLD!!

I have a Sony Playstation 2 with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Midnight Club. Also many Play Station 1 games that can be played on the PS2. Which include War Zone, Cool Boarders 3, NFS 3 hot pursuit, 3Extreme, Tekken 3, Test Drive 5, Bushido Blade2, Driver, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4, Road Rash 3D, Metal Gear Solid, NBA Shoot Out, memory cards,and Game Shark, PS1 only I believe. It comes with a remote and all the other hardware needed. It also includes a remote you can use to watch DVDs.

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1 - 9 of 22 Posts
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