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CTS-V dyno, stock Vs wait4me tune + 2.55 pulley

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Had Chris and Hoyt at Dyno Edge install a smaller pulley on my CTS-V. With a mail order tune this is what we got. First run is stock, last is with the pulley and tune, no other changes.

I'm pleased. :headbang:
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Nice Wayne. Sleeper baby!
Yeah, it sounds and drives like stock... till you mat it! :beer:
Nice numbers! Is 445rwhp average for stock? I know they rate them at 550hp I believe. I know the z's dyno stock right about 445rwhp also, with a 505hp rating. Unless your numbers are uncorrected.
That's a pretty average number for a SAE auto tranny CTS-V. I've seen them throw down 430 heatsoaked, and up to 460, but 440-445 SAE RWHP is average.

In truth, they tend to run better than the dyno rwhp numbers would have you believe. Mine dyno'd 371 rwhp uncorrected stock but ran a 12.7 @ 112 on a 7,100' DA day. If you run the HP/weight calculators for 4400 pounds including driver, it shouldn't go that fast. Adding 70+ rwhp to that, she should be a solid 12.0 car here now. :eek:ldman:
Thanks. She really pulls now with that new low end torque. :beer:
Yeah he wasn't running too fast but I'd be willing to bet that was due to the fact that he was probably babying the hell out of it. If he let someone get in it and rip on it it probably would of had a decent time. Who knows though.
You see that a lot. Not just from old guys either :eek:ldman: There are a LOT of potentially very fast cars here in ABQ that don't get beat on. To each his own, but I RUN mine. Z06 and CTS-V, they are for Go, not show. :beer:
That damn sedan will be in my territory, good thing I got some more things instore for my car. :secret: Nice numbers for sure, I love that car! :headbang:
Oh yeah! I'm gunning for you. It SHOULD run a low, low 12 here. But we'll just have to see. :beer:
We don't have to wait for the track to open to find out how well that thing does. :driving:
True dat! But it'd probably help to not have snow and 30 degree temps.
WOW. That is one heavy pulley!
That's funny. Try 100 ft lbs of torque. :beer:
Great numbers. What year is your V? Did you ever post pictures? I just picked up a n XLR-V. You know I have to start messing with it soon.
Just saw the grocery getter thread. Beautiful car.

Mine's a Thunder Gray 2010. It's surprising how good it runs. I've gone 11.82 @ 119 here, with a 6,000 foot DA. :eek:ldman:
Nice. You'll enjoy it. I believe it should have a couple features they left off the CTS-V, adaptive cruise control and outside mirror tilt down in reverse. I'd really like the mirror tilt for when I'm backing into the water box at the drag strip!
whiskey tango foxtrot?
Thanks guys, but this is such an old post. The car ran a best of 12.8 stock, and on drag radials with the pulley/tune ran 11.8 @ 119 MPH. Not bad for a 3,500 pound 4 door Cadillac at a density altitude of 6,000 + feet. :beer:

However, she has been sold and is residing in Northern California. :(
1 - 12 of 53 Posts
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